We can carry out many different aspects of your project. We can arrange for architectural plans to be drawn up or work alongside your chosen architect. Our customers’ needs are always very important for us. We are happy only if our customers are happy! We can organise a visit to your home or business and discuss your different needs and ideas. We use quality suppliers for materials and as we are an established business we can obtain our materials at competitive prices and in turn offer you the most attractive quotes. 


When it comes to starting the project, we will liaise with you every step of the way. We can arrange for Building control or any surveys that may be required to communicating with your neighbours if needed. Again, we work with you every step of the way. When construction starts we always ensure that your project is left as tidy as possible and ensure the team leave a comfortable environment at the end of their working day. 


When we start your project, we will discuss timelines and expected daily/weekly goals. If any point a situation arises that will affect the timings, then we will come together and discuss any potential impact on your project, every step of the way. Finally, our experienced building team executes those plans, turning initial designs into reality efficiently and skilfully. When we complete the project, we will have a walk through and highlight any snagging, if any, and carry these out before requesting any final payments. 

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